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Welcome to The Inverse!

I’m Lauren, the artist + leather craftsman behind every piece. I craft all of my goods by hand, in small batches right here in my studio in Asheville, North Carolina. 



The name of my one-woman studio, The Inverse, is a reaction to our culture of fast fashion and over-consumption. The pieces we wear should be sustainable, beautiful and affordable. That's why I specialize in creating leather goods from repurposed material. I carefully select each piece of leather, whether from gently used upholstery, thrifted jackets or scrap remnants, to create your one-of-a-kind wallet or bag.

I’ve been sharing my progress + inspiration on Instagram since the beginning of my sewing journey in 2017. 

Shop in person in Asheville:

- Reciprocity (bags)

- Marquee (bags, wallets + small prints)

- Kress Emporium (bags + wallets)

- Foggy Mountain Brew Pub (large prints)

- Sol Collective (wallets)

- Restoration Hotel (bags + wallets)

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